As a holistic wellness expert and certified aromatherapist, I would love to help you reclaim a healthy, vibrant life by pairing two powerful wellness tools: superfoods and essential oils.

(Read how I beat cancer, the natural way.) 


Superfood Powders

My 100% organic powers are nutritionally-dense and locally-made! Each optimal blend of vitamins and mineral enhances your nutrition, boosts energy and help you stay full. 

Custom Aromatherapy

Based on my experience soothing my cancer side effects with organic, non-MLM essential oils, I now specialize in helping my clients combat nausea, stress and addictive behaviors.

Shop Pat’s Products

From superfood powders to plant protein to popular aromatherapy blends for diffuser, topical application and/or other uses, you will find all my most popular products here. 


I was lucky to find Pat at a fair and learn about Alive n Vibrant! 

One of my family members who has pancreatic cancer has now been taking the green powder for over two years. The doctors are amazed at how he is doing. They are even going to do a study on him. He chose not to do chemotherapy, and though he was given only six months to live, he's still with us two years later. He takes the powders daily and feels it makes a big difference!

- Erin Grossman


I'd like to introduce you to Pat Molter. 

Pat has an array of holistic health experience and makes the only green powder I will use. She is also an aromatherapist who makes amazing products (that I guarantee your strictest ingredient standards will approve of. No multi-level marketing oils for her. Top quality. Which is why I buy from her. 

- Lisa Sarnowski

I feel 30 years younger!

I'm thankful for your fine product. It must be exactly what I needed. 

- Jack Grassel

In addition to customized 1:1 consultations and products, I sell my products through several fine retailers in the southeastern Wisconsin area (see list below). Also, come check out one of our upcoming demos to sample product!


Outpost Natural Foods Bay View Location: November 1st (3pm-5:30pm), November 18th (11am-2pm) and December 9th (11am-2pm)

Outpost Natural Foods Mequon Location (11am-2pm): October 28th, November 13th, November 25th and December 12th


Outpost Natural Foods (Greater Milwaukee area)

Beans and Barley (Milwaukee)

The Nutrition House (Kenosha)

MKE Wellness (Bay View)

The Natural Market (Manitowoc)

Welltopia (Thiensville)

Milk ‘N Honey (Wauwatosa)


Want to Carry Alive n Vibrant superfood products?

For more information on carrying Alive n Vibrant superfood products, please contact us here. Either Joe Prindle or I would be happy to visit with you.



Struggling with cancer, addictive behaviors or another health crisis?

I know exactly what it's like to wonder if there's any hope of feeling truly alive again. But after twelve healthy, cancer-free years, I'm living proof.

Now, I believe so strongly in the power of superfoods and essential oils as partners in your recovery, that I am willing to offer you a completely free, no-obligation 1:1 consultation. I'll help you identify your best next health step and show you how nutritional powders and customized essential oil products may help reduce pain, control cravings, and reduce nausea -- just to name a few!