About Pat


My cancer diagnosis came unexpectedly.

I had become interested in aromatherapy some years prior, when I could not use store-bought cosmetics due to allergies. A friend challenged me to make my own, so I started taking classes in Chicago. Makeup soon led to products that soothed and offered relief. Early in my career I experienced success: developing a cream with essential oils that helped calm leg spasms for adults and children.

Based on this experience, I decided to seek my aromatherapy certification. I signed up for a school founded by an oncology nurse.

The same week, I was diagnosed with colon cancer.

I thought I could do my course studies during chemo, but I soon discovered that brain fog is real. The school told me to take all the time I needed. So instead of starting my formal studies, I began experimenting on myself for my own healing. Aromatherapy helped me with the nausea, brain fog and stress from the chemotherapy. Later I discovered super foods and raw eating, too. 

Eventually, I decided to quit chemotherapy and focus on quality of life rather than treatments that SEemed to make me mORe sick.

Months later I was declared cancer-free. While I cannot legally claim a medical correlation between holistic self-care and my healing, I do believe the aromatherapy and super foods were a large part of my success. 

I went back to school and finished my certification at the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy. My research, which focused on how aromatherapy can help people with overcoming addictions, was published in two journals, NAHA and AromaScents.

Additionally, I launched Alive n Vibrant, a super foods company that makes available the same nutrient-dense food powders that I developed during my cancer treatments.

Twelve years later I am still cancer-free.


As a holistic wellness expert, I NOW integrate aromatherapy and super foods together for gentle, natural symptom relief on a case-by-case basis.

For chemo and radiation patients, or those suffering from other debilitating health conditions, I work to maximize nutrition while minimizing nausea, stress and pain. Essential oils support whatever else is going on in the patient's system. The oils work on a physical and emotional level at the same time, while super foods offer a nutritive boost and additional energy.

For those seeking to overcome addictive behaviors, I can customize the choice of oils to meet the specific addictive behavior. The psychological need for the addictive behavior can be lessened in stages to help minimize the affects over time. For example, with smokers, I can create a blend that helps trigger the same response one would get from smoking. 

ThiS work is so rewarding for me.

Nothing thrills me more than to hear that someone feels better than they ever have in their entire life. Or that they have regained their quality of life during a health crisis. I'm living proof that it IS possible to be alive and vibrant, no matter what your age or health history!

A quick disclaimer ...

I always do like to say, essential oils are wonderful. So are super foods. But both must be correctly used. They are not magic pills, and certain oils should not be topically applied or ingested. 

I focus not only on crafting a customized plan and products, but also on helping you apply these wellness tools safely. 

You can learn more about my aromatherapy or super foods, or contact me directly here.

Much love,

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